Data gathering is the first part of any training for Speech-Language, Communication, Voice and Accent work. What are your current skills? How did they develop? What might be supporting your best qualities and creating barriers to better skills? What cultural views should we understand? That’s what we determine during the assessment phase and our forms, along with the interview process and specific assessment tools, help us. We want to pinpoint your needs then create attainable, measurable goals for you. We want to order effective materials and equipment. We want you to succeed.

The information we collect from you is confidential. We are guided by a professional organization with a board of ethics so we take seriously what you share with us and we go to great lengths to secure your paperwork. We would need your written permission to share details with any 3rd party. Who might it be appropriate to share info with? Frequently we consult with other specialists. In some cases, you may want a family member or even a supervisor to learn of your training. Insurance companies for speech and language work, requires certain data. We work with you to determine what, if any, details are appropriate to share.

Frequently when working on site with an employee, we become aware of proprietary and classified company information. We create a written agreement assuring companies that any business related data is protected. Your trust in us is key.

When you are ready to begin the process, please contact us directly and we will get the right forms out for you to complete. Some clients prefer for us to complete the form with them which we are available to do. Some client arrive early to complete the forms in our office. Just let us know.


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