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A former scientist client, shared his frustration at not being able to advocate during a parent teacher conference, for his daughter being in an honors class and needed stronger phrasing and wording to promote his beliefs. Accent covers more than just pronunciation but often signal deeper comprehension and expression challenges.

Let us help you find your voice



AOS staff each have years of direct individual experience in speech pathology, voice training, and linguistic specializations (such as those that overlap with conditions in the medical field).


The ability to slip effortlessly into a highly controlled manner of speaking is a skill that requires practice in a coached setting to be most effective. AOS excels at providing such talents through a documented, repeatable, proven process.


AOS programs are custom-tailored to the unique needs of each particular client, taking into account the person’s age, position, and the demands placed upon the individual that affect the quality of his or her voice and ability to communicate.


The combination of proven methods and long experience with speech therapy can create positive results quickly. Rapid improvement is common in AOS programs, not only due to the ease with which improvement is noticed but by virtue of our professionals’ intimate knowledge of their craft.


AOS offers result-oriented tools and techniques that support our training and your learning. We keep the end in sight as we assist you to confidently manage features of your accent or dialect that may interfere with your intended message. ESOL programs are experts at helping to develop skills in understanding English vocabulary and grammar. At AOS we extend this development to include English pronunciation and intonational patterns centered around the communication demands of your profession.


Our well-received training approach has fostered ongoing and long-term training relationships across the board with government, corporate, non-profit, and individual clients.


Accent Modification Coaching provides you with the tools and the confidence to succeed in a new atmosphere

Communication can be difficult in places where the primary language is not your own native tongue. Mastering spelling and sentence structure is only half the battle. A simple matter of knowing where to place accents in words, for example, can make a huge difference in conveying a message properly.

Speak to a certified Accent / Dialect coach and get on the right track

  • Thank you for your excellent support to the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in the area of language and communication skills development for our scientists and engineers.

    • Joseph R.
    • Deputy Director, Army Research Laboratory
  • Thank you for your help these past six months with my speech. I have grown as a speaker and teacher.

    I hope you have a lovely summer. Thanks again.

    • Mary K.
    • AOS Client
  • I would like to thank you both for the time and effort that you gave in assisting me in working on my case package for promotion. Your efforts have brought forth fruit in the fact that as of Oct. 1st, I will be promoted. Once again, I thank you Steve for your mentorship and guidance, and Cathy for your assistance in "word smithing" and encouragement.

    • Richard T.
    • Electronics Engineer
  • We are so grateful to you for your amazing influence in Stephan's life. I wonder sometimes how his life would have been different without the benefit of your expertise, wise counsel, and fun therapy!

    Thank you, thank you! And may the lord bless you with continued health, fellowship, and success.

    • Nancy & Stephen
    • AOS Client
Maryland & Washington D.C.

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